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Being a Cycle means that our only constant is transformation

This transformation has doors or thresholds that inevitably all of us will experience by being human

We believe that the sovereign (being informed and prepared about our transformations) experience of being a CYCLE is our birth right as humans. 

Being a cycle goes from our experience as menstruating bodies,
( menstruation from mensare : periodically every month) being women.

From our birth right, as daughters and sons, as mothers and fathers, of experiencing our birth stories in an informed and respected way, and desirably with pleasure on the experience.

To the apropiate initiation into each of the stages of our lives which is something inexistent in mainstream culture, an its essential for our development as human beings.

From our death right of leaving this world to the next with preparation and dignity, with community conducting apropiate ceremonies for our rite of passage into the Great Mystery.

We believe that at the center of culture is care,
the practice of care is what maintains the continuum of life.

A culture must be cultivated to be alive, and it will act as a support and guide through our lives. 

OMENOFTHEW is an answer to this colective rewilding for a culture that re members our continuum as humans

Community is at the center of this practice since culture can only be cultivated in community

To educate , share and transform as we are being witnessed by our community its essential for our development as human beings


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