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Omen is a message that exists outside of time.

 The Charms is a collection of amulets and symbolic representations made into wereable pieces.


is the studio design that Pau

set up in Spain

where she was born

after more than a

decade living around the world

connecting with

different cultures and traditions

as well as with jewelry techniques.

"Since I have memory I loved jewelry ,

stones and charms

were always talismans

in my world

since i was a little girl.

Later in my life

i discovered another deep vocation

on educating

about sovereignty

and natural body cycles.

The reason this shop

is inside this educational

platform its because

all what i do its tightly connected to who I am" 

Captura de pantalla 2024-03-13 a las 19.15.09.png

"Later on I discovered that the origins of jewelry where highly tied to this work as in the beginning jewelry was created as a tool for time counting through lunar calendars related to menstrual rites"

"The thing that moves me most to create is the thought

that the physical manifestation of an object

has an effect on the invisible world"

 "Traditionally the context of jewelry in many cultures was for offerings to the Earth as well as symbolic representation of the day to day life of people inside a specific culture

but it always was framed inside an indigenous context of deep connection with Earth and her language"

"My design process stems from the inspiration and instruction i received directly from living with indigenous cultures such as the Tayrona people with their long tradition of goldsmithing and their vast cosmic knowledge as stewards of the territory as well as the representations of these omens, these symbols outside of time that talk with Earth and her language."

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